Technical Services

The purpose of claim management is to intercept disruptive claims or conflicts at the source, minimizing unnecessary loss in time or resources during a project. Experts help predict potential conflicts or claims and formulate responses for each. Further, Otak Japan can act as an impartial mediator if a conflict does arise, greatly reducing any negative influences on the project.

Main Service

Claim Analysis
  • Financial Monitoring & Reporting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Progress Audit & Certification
  • Change Order Evaluation & Control
  • Claim Management
  • Final Measurement
Negotiation Strategy
  • 3F (Firm , Fair , Friendly)
  • Unification of communication channel/ Note taking/ Alternative solutions
  • Exclude emotion/ Prompt handling / Prioritize in level of difficulty/ Separate negotiation for key issues
  • Consider Anti-Claim if necessary, to offset and minimize the claim case

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